Blowjob or Cheese?

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I have just been catching up on a few old episodes of diggnation that I have missed. One of the viewers sent in a question which resonated inside my head – if you had to give up one thing for the rest of your life, would it be blowjobs or cheese?

So would you rather give up blowjobs or cheese?

So would you rather give up blowjobs or cheese?

It’s one of those age old questions – does a man prefer sex over food. For me I love cheese so this is a really hard (no pun intended) choice. On one hand, if I gave up cheese it would mean completely changing my diet. I seem to put cheese on pretty much everything – my latest craving has been spicy chicken burger + potato hash brown + pepper jack cheese + bun + HP sauce. It just would not be the same without cheese. Then there are all those other wonderful meals, like pizza, corned beef hash (done the british way), lasagna, jacket potatoes the list goes on.

But there is this little devil on my shoulder going – but blowjobs are good 🙂 is it something you should give up? It is true, blowjobs are great but there are a few drawbacks. Think of going out with the guys, having a few beers, getting hungry and going into your favorite pizza restaurant of choice. You would feel a bit of a plonker saying you can’t have pizza because you chose blowjobs over cheese. It’s not like you can ask of a pizza with no cheese but with extra blowjob. I think that I would miss out on more things if I gave up cheese than if I gave up blowjobs. Think of all the other *jobs you could have in place of blowjobs. There is a long list – use your imagination.

So for me it would be byebye blowjobs – and bring on the cheese!!! 🙂


What I would like to see in the new iPhone 2,1.

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Now I’m not usually one for hoping for a particular feature set in new apple hardware, but for some reason I feel that there are some things which are distinctly missing from the current iPhone.

The current iteration of apples phone, the iPhone 3G.

The current iteration of apples phone, the iPhone 3G.

The first thing that bugs me is the fact that the iPhone is tied to at&t over here in the US. I would love to upgrade from my current iPod touch + Nokia to a swanky iPhone 2,1 when they come out in late summer early autumn, however, at&t’s fees are just obscene! If you look at the cost of having an iPhone 3G in the UK and compare the deal you get there with the one here in the US, it makes you want to cry. First of all for the low price of 44.05GBP per month (which is about $64) you get a free iPhone 3G, 1200 free minutes, 500 free text, all the usual data stuff per month – and only an 18 months contract. This is not even their lowest tariff!!!! Why can’t at&t do a low cost tariff with no free minutes etc, and a higher cost phone. The problem I have is that I don’t really use the phone – I’m terribly phone-o-phobic, so I don’t make that many calls. all I want is the data plan. So, in which case, why can’t they charge me $40 a month for the data plan, and 50 cents per minute for calls – or something. The only other way around this problem is if apple opens up the new iPhone 2,1 to other carriers. If they do this, then there will be a price war to get iPhone users over to their network, and maybe some better tariffs. I live in Indiana, and I can tell you from experience that it’s hard enough to get a cell phone signal here, let alone a 3G signal. I’m sure there must be a method of tracking the time spent on 3G compared with edge etc. In which case, why can’t at&t offer a reduced data plan with limited time on 3G – if you go over that time then you get some additional charge?

Okay, my rant about tariffs out of the way. In terms of functionality – I love the social networking ability of the iPhone, Twitter, facebook, AIM. It would be great if apple would get iChat running on the iPhone 2,1. Specifically the ability to join into a video conference if your late to a meeting. I’m not specifically asking for a front facing camera for video chat (which would be nice – but would also probably kill bandwidth), but maybe audio only with the ability to see presentations and interact as if you were at you desktop / notebook. The next thing which would be nice is the ability to have speech recognition for dictating notes / email etc. Maybe as a core api which can then be linked into iChat / AIM style software.

With graphics power increasing, and the rumours of multicore etc for the iPhone 2,1 it would be great to have video out. Apple is really pushing the gaming power of the iPhone – so it would be great to be able to plug it into the tv and use the iPhone as a controller. I have seen some video of using the iPhone as a wii controller, so what about having games downloaded to the apple TV, and then pair the iPhone with it to be used as a controller?

Well there are a couple of my ideas – could be crazy or way out there – maybe they could actually work, we will see. 🙂

why, oh facebook why…??

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So.. the new facebook wants to know “What’s on you mind?”. Well here you go……

What in seven shades of living smeg is going through the minds of those guys over at facebook? Have they never heard of over designing a product? From my discussions with friends etc, people don’t want all the applications and other little pointless applets. People want a fast, secure, reliable place where they can share photos, videos, chatting and status updates. All the other stuff just slows the service down and increase places where malicious code can be spread.

The new facebook homepage.

The new facebook homepage.

Come on facebook, why not try and produce a light version of your website. I’m sure you will be amazed at how may people will opt for that version over the current piece of junk. Yes I know, it’s free, so if you don’t like it then go somewhere else. Fine, for me personally, I hardly ever use the web interface for facebook – the iPhone / iPod Touch version is sooo much better. It’s clean, and fast – just what I want. If facebook wants to make money off their site – fine – I’m ok with that, who doesn’t like money – and hosting a site that big doesn’t come for free. But that is still not excuse for a crappy windows want-to-be interface. I will even pay a few bucks a year for a slick light version.

Alternatively I could just get a few buddies together and code my own social site – “quibblebook” and really stick to to them :). Humm, now where did I put all that cash for hosting?? 🙂

“and now I’m back to let you know, I can really shake it down…”

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Finally I have got round to starting a half decent blog. The one that I was using on thequibble was being used for updating people on my current research status. However, since I have now be lured away from academia into the frantic and sometimes harsh world of industry, my blog (and website for that fact) has seemed to fade into the realm of nostalgia. I sometimes feel the need to share my crazy thoughts, and discuss some stories I have read online. This blog will be that outlet. In the future I will try and link this blog into thequibble and give the site the makeover it deserves. Ok, that’s it for now – thequibble out 🙂