Honda create robot legs – to wear !!!!!

I was doing my daily look through and I came across a story that just had me baffled. It’s a story about car manufacturers Honda making a set of robotic legs!!!

Honda's robotic legs

Honda's robotic legs

Honda say that the robotic legs are  an “experimental walking assist device that helps support bodyweight to reduce the load on the user’s* legs while walking, going up and down stairs, and in a semi-crouching position. Honda will now begin testing the device in real-world conditions to evaluate its effectiveness.”

Now I know exactly the audience which Honda are targeting – the old, or injured, but think about it – what about the drunk! I would love a set of these! Can you imagine having a set of these when you go out for a drink – it would be great. I would never have to worry about the “wobbly leg syndrome” you get after 15 pints. Now I’m not sure how well they would work on the dance floor, but in terms of still being able to successfully walk out of the bar after a good nights drinking – they would be worth their weight in gold :).

Picture: copyright Honda 2008


~ by The Quibble on March 25, 2009.

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