why, oh facebook why…??

So.. the new facebook wants to know “What’s on you mind?”. Well here you go……

What in seven shades of living smeg is going through the minds of those guys over at facebook? Have they never heard of over designing a product? From my discussions with friends etc, people don’t want all the applications and other little pointless applets. People want a fast, secure, reliable place where they can share photos, videos, chatting and status updates. All the other stuff just slows the service down and increase places where malicious code can be spread.

The new facebook homepage.

The new facebook homepage.

Come on facebook, why not try and produce a light version of your website. I’m sure you will be amazed at how may people will opt for that version over the current piece of junk. Yes I know, it’s free, so if you don’t like it then go somewhere else. Fine, for me personally, I hardly ever use the web interface for facebook – the iPhone / iPod Touch version is sooo much better. It’s clean, and fast – just what I want. If facebook wants to make money off their site – fine – I’m ok with that, who doesn’t like money – and hosting a site that big doesn’t come for free. But that is still not excuse for a crappy windows want-to-be interface. I will even pay a few bucks a year for a slick light version.

Alternatively I could just get a few buddies together and code my own social site – “quibblebook” and really stick to to them :). Humm, now where did I put all that cash for hosting?? 🙂


~ by The Quibble on March 21, 2009.

One Response to “why, oh facebook why…??”

  1. Right on mate. The thing that annoys me is that they have singled out Twitter as their main competitor and decided to implement microblogging as if they’ve just invented it. Fb is great to stay connected with friends and there’s a few useful apps (note: *few*), don’t try too hard otherwise they will lose users..


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