Awsome concept UI – Redmond take notice!!!!

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Copenhagen ExperienceAs most people know, I am a self confessed Apple fan boy. However I recently stumbled across an awesome concept UI from Cullen Dudas which, if taken up by the Redmond giant, might start pulling people away from their Macs and Linux boxes. The main reason for my mac obsession is workflow. I find that my productivity levels are much higher on a mac compared to using Windows. I like the fully integrated nature of the mac. This UI concept plays on that nature, aiming towards ease of use – and the ability to get to what you want in the shortest number of clicks. My first impressions are that it is clean, functional, and seems quite intuitive. I would love to get my hands on a functional version of this to play around with and give a review – but for now we are left with drooling mouths and a video. Enjoy the video on the links below… 🙂

Copenhagen User Experience from Copenhagen Concept on Vimeo.


Possibly the greatest and geekiest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!

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This is just truely amazing. I saw this and thought WOW. I love it, and in awe at the amount of time it must have taken these guys to get this working right. Video below – and wait for the song to kick it.

UPDATE: How stupid does Microsoft think we are..????

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So, I’m sitting here getting my long overdue dose of Prison Break and as per usual up comes the adverts. Unusually I sit there, and actually pay attention. Up crops the Microsoft advert with the lovely Lauren – and to my disbelief they have cut the portion with Lauren saying she is going into the Apple Store. Microsoft has obviously heard the rumblings on the web and noticed how stupid they looked. Sorry Microsoft – too late, you look like more of a dumbass having to listen to people on the web to fix your mistakes, maybe next time you can hire an advertising agency who can get it right the first time.

New offline editor.

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Yes I know I have been extremely crap over the last couple of weeks. This has mainly been due to my being under an oversized pile of work. But now I’ve found a nice offline editor which should allow me to start writing some articles during my lunch break. The software I’ve found is free (whoopppiieee), written in java by the look of it, and is nice and simple to use.

Go, take a looksie – from what I’ve seen so far (and I’m writing this post using it), I like it. I’m not going to give it the full quibble thumbs up until I’ve used it for a few weeks, but so for – no problems. :)Tags: , , ,

Quibbling inactivity.

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Firstly I must appologise for the inactivity on thequibbleblog over the last week or so, but I have been really busy. Last weekend was a manic one – the first SplinterSoc meeting in two years. Now I’m sure that there are many out there who have no idea what SplinterSoc is – which is a good thing. SplinterSoc is a covert society of some great scientific minds. It is a gathering of great thinkers and drinkers, who put their minds to great use by going out on secret missions to get completely and utterly wasted. SplinterSoc members must not only have a great scientific background but also have significant other interests which enable them to be able to party and converse without having to resort to talking about work. SplinterSoc meetings are covertly held at arbitrary times in various locations across the world. Missions are publicised by email with only the mission name, time, location and password given to the member.

If you have the credentials to join then drop me an email at explaining your scientific background, your other interests and how you party. The committee will then review your credentials and if chosen will add you to the member list.

How stupid does Microsoft think we are..????

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So how stupid does Microsoft think we are.?? In the ongoing battle between Redmond and Cupertino, MS are running a new set of adverts targeting Apples pricing structure. In one particular advert a lovely (and quite hot) lady called Lauren is trying to find a 17 inch laptop for under $1000. So she is looking around and decides to go into an Apple store – or so the Redmond giant would like us to think. Lovely Lauren, goes into the Apple store, has a look around, decides that the only laptop in her budget is a 13 inch MacBook (which is not what she wants), then leaves and goes to a different store. Sounds quite plausible doesn’t it. Well that’s until you watch the advert. If you look at the youtube video above, at 13/14 seconds in, Lauren goes into the Apple store – also walking by is a balding man, with a striped shirt carrying a camera stand. At 15/16 seconds into the advert, Lauren leaves the Apple store – after a “good look around” and deciding they didn’t sell what she wanted in her price range. However, also in the picture is the same balding guy. So, Lauren had a good look around etc, in the amount of time it took this guy to walk across the Apple store entrance!!!!! MS, we are not stupid!!! I’m sure you have paid your advertising agency a lot of money to come up with this advert. But if you are going to claim that you get someone off the street, go and get someone – don’t hire actresses / actors to say and do what you want. That’s so lame!!! I’m sure if you ask Lauren, she would rather of had the sexy white MacBook than that heap of junk she actually bought. If it was me – I would have bought the laptop with the money MS gave me (apparently) and then re-sold in on ebay or craigslist and used the cash against buying a Mac.

I know that MS is trying their hardest to make themselves look “hip” and “cool” again, but treating us like imbeciles just makes them look desperate. I have to admit, that the beta version of Windows 7 I have been testing does indeed look a very big step in the right direction, and I like their advances towards integrating Windows with multitouch. However, I would still like to see a light version of their operating system, which does not hog system resources as much, does not crash as much. If MS put as much time into creating a product which is stable, easy to use, has a clean UI, light on system resources (so people are willing to upgrade their current pc with the ew operating system), then people will start giving them positive reviews, which in turn create positive hype, and will eventually turn the perception of MS around. All this without the need to lame ad campaigns.

So, common MS stop dropping the ball and put your efforts into creating a better product. Everything else will sort itself out.

Honda create robot legs – to wear !!!!!

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I was doing my daily look through and I came across a story that just had me baffled. It’s a story about car manufacturers Honda making a set of robotic legs!!!

Honda's robotic legs

Honda's robotic legs

Honda say that the robotic legs are  an “experimental walking assist device that helps support bodyweight to reduce the load on the user’s* legs while walking, going up and down stairs, and in a semi-crouching position. Honda will now begin testing the device in real-world conditions to evaluate its effectiveness.”

Now I know exactly the audience which Honda are targeting – the old, or injured, but think about it – what about the drunk! I would love a set of these! Can you imagine having a set of these when you go out for a drink – it would be great. I would never have to worry about the “wobbly leg syndrome” you get after 15 pints. Now I’m not sure how well they would work on the dance floor, but in terms of still being able to successfully walk out of the bar after a good nights drinking – they would be worth their weight in gold :).

Picture: copyright Honda 2008